Like Most Korean Families

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The situation was reversed in the s, as a newly stable South Korea became an economic powerhouse which was fueled by Japanese and American investment, military aid and internal economic development, while North Korea stagnated and then declined during the same period. Differences emerged between North Korea and the Soviet Union, chief among them was Kim Il-sung’s philosophy of Juche , which focused on Korean nationalism , self-reliance and socialism.

The resulting loss of economic aid adversely affected the North’s economy, causing widespread famine in During this period, North Korea also remained critical of the United States defense force ‘s presence in the region, which it considered imperialist , having seized the American ship USS Pueblo in , which was part of an infiltration and subversion campaign to reunify the peninsula under North Korea’s rule.

Known as the Great Leader Suryong , he established a personality cult which dominates domestic politics in North Korea. In , Kim Il-sung was declared ” eternal President of the Republic “. Controversy surrounds Kim’s life before the founding of North Korea, with some labeling him an impostor.

Several sources indicate that the name “Kim Il-sung” had previously been used by a prominent early leader of the Korean resistance , Kim Kyung-cheon. Several witnesses knew Kim before and after his time in the Soviet Union, including his superior, Zhou Baozhong , who dismissed the claim of a “second” Kim in his diaries. Kim’s family is said to have originated from Jeonju , North Jeolla Province.

His great-grandfather, Kim Ung-u, settled in Mangyongdae in Kim is reported to have been born in the small village of Mangyungbong then called Namni near Pyongyang on 15 April According to Kim, his family was not very poor, but was always a step away from poverty.

Kim said that he was raised in a Presbyterian family, that his maternal grandfather was a Protestant minister , that his father had gone to a missionary school and was an elder in the Presbyterian Church, and that his parents were very active in the religious community.